Our Services

Mobile Broadband

With the advent of cost effective fast mobile broadband, this option for home broadband has become more popular.  The cost of mobile broadband has dropped considerably and, for many, is their only option for faster internet speeds.  Although fibre is being rolled out in many areas, rural areas in particular are often left waiting for the promise of faster broadband.  The possibility of using mobile data networks means these customers can benefit from fast broadband and cheaper charges than traditional broadband providers utilising older copper telephone cabling.  However the choice of equipment and, crucially, the positioning of this equipment is often more difficult than first envisaged.  We offer to survey your site and recommend the best solution for your broadband needs.  We can also advise on VOIP services where your traditional landline can be disconnected with both internet and phone communications coming over the broadband connection.  This often results in reduced costs and a more flexible phone connection.

Networking Services

We can offer solutions to network problems whether in the home or business.  Do you have problems with WiFi coverage?  Do you have a slow network or network problems?  Do you constantly get complaints from customers or family regarding your network connections?  We can help alleviate most issues with your internal network including whole building WiFi and solving problems on your network which might be causing slow or intermittent connections.


This is another aspect of home security which has become ever more affordable and desirable. The ability to not only alarm your property but see and record activity in and around the building is an extremely useful facility. However the CCTV industry was never setup for the home user and although there are many DIY systems now available they often disappoint in their performance and reliability. The choice of cameras, recorders and positioning is vital to a successful CCTV monitoring system. The choice of systems can also be bewildering and the jargon used within the industry often leave many confused and unsure of the best system for their situation. That's where we excel by personally assessing your property and ensuring only the most suitable system is installed based on requirements and budget. 

Electrical Work

We can complete electrical work in your home including EICRs (Electrical Inspection & Conditions Reporting).  We are qualified 

Alarm Systems

We can provide both wired and wireless alarm systems.  We specialise in the Ajax range of professional alarm and smart home systems. We can cater for all sizes of property and also include protection for outbuildings and entry access. Often a hybrid system is appropriate where we combine both a wired system and wireless system providing the flexibility to protect external outbuildings easily without additional wiring. The hybrid system also allows the upgrading of a system in future or the addition of more sensors without the disruption caused by adding additional wiring. We try and look at the alarm system as just one element of an integrated security solution as an alarm on its own is limited in what it can achieve. Our systems include remote access from PCs, MACs and mobile devices such as iPhones and iPads.  There is a huge range of options but we will only offer what we think is appropriate to each customer and always strive to keep the system as simple to operate as possible. 

Access Control

Intercom systems have come a long way in recent years. These systems were often only used on commercial premises where access for employees or visitors required access via remote door locks. However many home owners now see the security aspect of having an audio or/and video door entry system. It cannot be emphasised enough the feeling of security being able to talk with callers at your door or gates before allowing entry. It allows you to ensure that only people you wish to provide access to your property are allowed. It also provides a means to remotely open gates and even doors should you wish to add this facility. The door units themselves have become much more aesthetically attractive for domestic promises and the additional features now offered include access via mobile devices including iPhone and iPad. This means you don't have to have an intercom unit fixed to a wall in the home or rely on a fixed point of communication. 


We use a range of sensors combined with the above systems to create an intelligent security system which can react to various parameters. Sensors can be both internal or external and wired or wireless. It is vital that the system has sensor capability to alert home owners of activity both while present in the home and when out. However it is also vital to ensure the minimum of false alerts as possible as this often undermines the integrity of the system and can lead to genuine alerts being ignored. We only use quality sensors installed in the correct way which ensure a robust detection zone with the minimum of false triggering. 

Multi Room Video Distribution

We can install a full HDBaseT HDMI distribution system with up to eight input sources and eight output displays with full control of any source from any display point.  This can all de done down a single CAT5/6 cable.  We have also teamed with Blustream to offer a new Video Over IP system which allows video distribution over a traditional 1Gbps network.