Andy from Hanson Technical Solutions has upgraded our internet speed from a sluggish 'phone wire input to a new much faster mobile broadband system, going from 1.5 to about 18Mbps. This has made a huge difference to running a business and having children studying from home, all needing high speed consistent internet. Andy is very thorough in his work, reliable, honest and professional. I would definitely recommend him.

Alice Lowe, Newent

Broadband over the mobile network

In 2019, the service provided by BT could not be called “broadband” with a speed of around 1Mbs and with the promised Fastershire fibre network nowhere to be seen, I was looking for alternatives to come into the 21st century. This is where Andy came in to raise the possibility of using the mobile telephone network. This was not an easy option because it required a site survey to identify the most favourable location for an aerial and then detailed advice on what equipment would be needed to optimise the signal and to distribute the Internet throughout the house.

Andy had all the knowledge and technical expertise to install the equipment and commission the new network. I now have speeds sometimes in excess of 20Mbs but on average between 10 and 15Mbs perfectly adequate for streaming iPlayer and Netflix, something that was impossible before the installation. By including voice over the Internet telephone not only am I getting a much better service but is also about one third cheaper than my more primitive copper cable system.

There have been one or two occasions when I have needed to contact Andy for technical support and his response and solutions have always been immediate.

T. Butler, Taynton

I have used Andy many times. He is extremely well versed on all IT matters, whether it’s a simple MacBook or iPhone fix, or major work installing security systems, or home control etc.

I would not hesitate to recommend Andy, he is a perfectionist, very knowledgable, and is also customer aware when working in someone else’s home. Regarding respect for the customer, when dealing with personal data, Andy is exceptional, and he has my complete trust.

P. Mallinson

My house is in the Gloucestershire hills and Broadband via the local BT cable is awful, the 2mb download and 0.5mb upload speeds are just not viable for social or business use. Andy Hanson came to the house and assessed the various technical solutions that would be open to us. He recommended and installed an economic "Mobile" solution. We now have a small dish antenna/router,30cm, outside the house which accepts a data only Sim card from any of the networks, Andy can test which is best for your location, and this brings wifi broadband into the house. He then set up the router and all our computers and phones. We now get 20-30mb download and 25-30mb upload speeds. At last a usable Broadband !!. Andy gave us brilliant advice and service for which we can do nothing less than highly recommend.

D. Monk, May Hill

We experienced Andy's technical genius after he kindly offered to help install the Wi Fi in the pub and our holiday lodges, and since then whatever the problem Andy has been able to advise and resolve it. He’s very capable and a font of knowledge on every subject. Would definitely recommend.

Stephen Pugh, Longhope

Having spent days looking at wiring looms in my discovery I spoke to Andy he diagnosed the key being at fault and promptly fixed it with a bit of soldering wizardry. Wish I had spoken to Andy before wasting my time .

Andy knows his stuff and gets the job done with out fuss . Will use him again.

R. Martin

Big thanks to Andrew for getting our home internet sorted- he has been really generous with his advice and knowledge. Andrew clearly knows his stuff- there has not been a single tricky question he could not answer and has been so thorough in his assessment and recommendations. Best of all..our persistent issues with internet speeds and coverage have now disappeared thanks to his work!

S. Rizvi, May Hill

We have been using mobile broadband for 18 months, but were struggling with increasingly poor speeds of 0.5 - 3 MB/s (5 MB/s on a good day). Working from home was starting to become a real challenge. With Andy's knowledge of the available tariffs, the locations of the different providers' transmitters, and the best tech to use in this situation, we are now seeing 30 - 55 MB/s. We tried a number of different providers on the site visit, but it was telling that Andy's first suggestion, to use EE, and point at a particular transmitter, was by far the best that was available to us.

Dave Nutter

May Hill

Andy, just a note to thank you for your help in upgrading our broadband and phone system. I was particularly thankful for your infinite patience and unparalleled technical knowledge. We have at last crept into the 21st Century.

Thank you again for your excellent service.

Simon, May Hill

Since moving to May Hill 7 years ago we have always struggled with slow internet provided by BT, averaging between 1Mb and 2MB. Last year we attempted to use the local three 4G signal to improve our internet, and whilst we initially got some better speeds (between 8 and 10 MB download) this seemed to have dropped considerably, recently.

Andy came and did a survey which showed we should be getting much better connectivity with EE from our location, we now boast a remarkable 40Mb download on an unlimited plan from EE.

As well as installing the hardware, Andy provided lots of additional insight and was able to ensure all our devices worked well within the home.

D. Foot, May Hill

We have lived at Glasshouse on May Hill for the past eight years and struggled with very slow and almost non existent broadband down a phone line .

Andy has installed a wireless broadband system to our house and the difference is amazing !!

We were getting about 1.5 Mbps and are now getting about 25 Mbps !

Andy has provided a first class service and an excellent solution to our broadband problem !

M. Ellerby, May Hill

Just had our internet system overhauled by Andy. We were stumbling along with internet speed of 2-3 mbps now getting in excess of 24 mbps. We also have full coverage of our house and WiFi signal to remote external cameras. Fast, competent and efficient service, could not have been better.

Ian & Jess, May Hill

Andy has improved our broadband tenfold. He is very thorough and great at resolving technical issues. Most people need him!

Roger and Mary, Much Marcle.

Hansontech was recommended to us by a friend, who had told us of the wonders they’d performed on May Hill in Gloucestershire. My fiancé and I were looking for a temporary WiFi solution in our static caravan, while our house was being built. Andy’s depth of knowledge made the whole process quick and easy. The solution he has provided has been so successful we are now looking to use it permanently in our new home.

Andrew & Katie, Wotton-Under-Edge

It was a pleasure working with Andy to upgrade our landline-based broadband to a 4G connection. He understood our needs clearly and surveyed our property to find not only the best provider for our location but also the best spot in the house to position the modem. We have gone from 2-3Mbps to 40-60Mbps and we're delighted. Andy is friendly, responsive and does not apply any pressure to sell additional products or services. I would recommend Hanson Technical Services to anyone with a home IT need.

Colin Macqueen, Redmarley, Gloucestershire